I am about to embark on a trip to Haines in Alaska with two of my close friends Mark taylor and Kate Knott. Whilst there, we will be taking an 18 day course to further our high mountain skills and this may lead to a future in the heli guiding industry.

It won’t be the only part of the trip for me as I will  hopefully be spending time in British Columbia, South America and several States of the US which I guess if not to lazy, I will document also. This will mainly be skiing, but may also cover lifestyle, tattooing and art. These are the things I like and I hope you like what I write and document about them.

  This is the trip of a lifetime for me and I am massively useless when it comes to writing a diary. So I guess in a way this is a way of forcing a diary of my trip upon myself by forcing it upon you guys!!


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Cheyne Mitchell said

    Hey Corey,
    Mate I am hugely jealous of you. Heli boarding in Alaska has always been a dream of mine so I can’t wait to hear all about your experience. No doubt you will have a ball on your trip through the states and BC. Keep safe mate and looking forward to ya next blogs

  2. silver fox said

    Mike Taylor said you wanted my web details
    hear you are lovey regards silver fox

  3. Luke Fraser said

    Hey Corey
    Well done dude, it all sounds and looks amazing. These blogs are great, they’re making me very jelous, but keep it up, we all love reading them back here in the Zine. Stay safe mate and enjoy!!

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