Looking for Mount Sicgnar………

December 21, 2011

So, I am waiting at the airport in Vancouver after travelling over 2700km trying to find Mount Sicgnar (sick-gnar), it’s been an arduous journey. I began my search in Whitehorse and have crossed the northern Rocky Mountains, twice. Once travelling east and once travelling west, I have travelled the Duffy Lake Road to Pemberton and crossed into Northern Washington and all the way to Mt Baker and the mysterious Mountain has still eluded me. I have pulled my truck from a ditch and listened to countless hours of boring radio. I have braved minus 30 in my heatless camper and yet she evades me still. I caught a glimpse of her between snow storms in the Pine Pass, and I know she was in Baker, but I think she was hiding from the warm temperatures and may have travelled further north to escape deeper in the Rocky’s. I have heard her whispers in my sleep but, alas, she eludes me still. For the last two weeks I have been hearing many a report that she has made a sudden relocation to the French Alps, so here I am waiting to board a flight to France to continue my chase. I hope to intercept her somewhere near the Swiss border in the Portes du Soleil.  Oh to see her beautiful curves once more and touch her silky skin. Her shimmering white peaks, basking in the cool winter sunshine. My fingers are crossed and my ski’s are waxed and ready, will she be there? I sure hope so………


One Response to “Looking for Mount Sicgnar………”

  1. Luke said

    Hey dude, if you find her, you might be able to find her sister peak Mount Shredmoor!

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