Dirtbag Dreams

October 2, 2011

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In December of 2009 I lost my father to a very short battle with a very aggressive cancer. Anyone who has lost a parent(especially one whom you are super close to), will understand that no matter how much you would like everything to return to normal afterwards, it never happens. Your life is changed forever in an instant. I had told my Dad of all my future dreams and goals and to an extent his death forced me to realise that hard work is to be rewarded immediately, because you might not have forever to enjoy the fruits of your labour. I returned home and spent some quality time with my dad and my family, I grieved, saw the birth of my first niece, gathered my thoughts and hit the road…….. again. This was the beginning of my Dirtbag Dream, a plan that I had explained in detail to my dad and now had a pretty solid reason to follow through on.

So in early March I returned to France for another season of grind cooking for luxury charter boats, on the internal waterways of France. 5 days of reprieve from the heat of the kitchen in 7 months was the financial base for my trip. For those who don’t travel much, but then envy the nomadic life I live, here is a lesson in making it happen. 12 hours+ a day, 7 days a week, 7 months straight. It seems as if someone has flicked the light switch at the end of the tunnel off at times. Any dent in the finances is like a poke in the eye with a hot stick or in my case a hot cigarette, as that is usually what puts the biggest dent in my savings. Luckily my workmates, a solid catalogue of music, a sprinkling of emancipating drugs and getting to travel all over one of the most culturally rich and scenically striking countries in the world got me through an eclectic 7 months. Phase 1 of my plan was complete…… a phase I like to call ‘The Forgettable Phase’

Phase 2….. Geneve, Morzine, Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Perth, Melbourne, Perth, Lord Howe Island, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, London, Geneve, Morzine, Vancouver, Pemberton, Haines, Whitehorse….. November 2010 till May 2011.  Enough said 7 months of work 6 months of play… I worked throughout the 6 months to top up the budget and left Alaska in late April after the most epic winter I have ever experienced, not entirely broke but well on my way to it. I guess phase 3 was about to start….. I had no idea what I was in for.


Drilling is hard work, twelve hour days of intense physical labour, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, 9 weeks on 4 days off and repeat…. I knew I was gonna have to work hard to continue my dirt bag dreams, being a ski bum without a sponsor(“I am a gaper”) isn’t easy (insert your advertisement here). Like I said drilling is HARD work, but it sure does pay well and this is now funding phase 4. Camper Truck, return tickets to France and Las Vegas, friends in Montana, Washington, BC, Yukon and Alaska and a three year old dream is becoming a reality……


So the adventure continues into late 2011 and 2012, who knows exactly what the future holds, but I know I am gonna keep trying to make my dad proud,  try my best to be a good ambassador for my country of birth and make sure I am smiling and happy and surrounded by good people to share such amazing times with.


Thankyou Dad and Mum….. you have always been people who I strived to make proud, I hope your keeping up with my progress. If i didn’t have such interesting parents who inspired me to travel I don’t know where I’d be.


One Response to “Dirtbag Dreams”

  1. Jay V said

    Yeeeeah, Buddy!

    Nice work on living the dream. You should add a Colorado stop into your journey’s with that sweet pimp sled you picked up.

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