Words for Snow

May 11, 2011

According to our favourite guide for writing wrong’s, “Google”, it now suggests that it is but a myth that Inuits or Eskimos as they are more commonly referred to, have an unusually large number of words for snow. I am therefore suggesting that those responsible for the largest number of words for snow may now, quite possibly be Ski Bums.

Think about it. How many ways can you describe a type of snow…….. Mash Potatoes, Cold Smoke, Wind Buff, Boiler Plate, Hot Pow, Cold Pow, Corn, Slush the list goes on. I can guarantee to you that the mere mention of anyone of these words can whip your regular society drop out, ski bum into abnormal amounts of conversational activity, before the actual thought of sliding on this wonderful stuff causes them to form a somewhat glazed over look and they become withdrawn and quiet.

Just like surfers and the endless thought of the next barrel, skiers and snowboarders only breath because there is the possibility of another epic powder day. We congregate in lift lines before they open, sleep in campers with our snow machines ready to run and wait in carparks in the middle of nowhere waiting for the heli to come and pick us up. We scrape by for the entire winter on leftover food, unshowered, unshaved and living in near poverty because the powder needle has been injected. Unlike smack heads though our habit is healthy and we work our arses off all summer to be able to live in poverty for yet another winter.

So next time you hear someone say ‘Eskimos have the most words for snow’ laugh it off, knowing full well, as a dedicated ski bum that you are in fact among the leaders of the ‘words for snow’ pack.


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What an immense thing to see…. nature accentuating it’s full capability to awe and amaze when you least expect it on a Wednesday night about 1 am.