Forget about Heli-Skiing and go for a walk……… Jay Volak

March 12, 2011

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In the anticipation of endless trophy lines and blower powder I think that people who come to Alaska to ski, generally forget that this industry relies on perfect storms and optimum weather patterns, of which Haines is experiencing neither at this point in time.  That doesn’t mean however, that days should be spent moping around whinging that this place sucks whilst sat in-front of a computer watching the weather patterns in the lower 48 where you have just come from. You aren’t there and no amount of snow fall there is going to make your trip to Alaska any better!!

Pack some lunch and go for a walk, there are limitless amounts of trail heads to an infinite amount of amazing bays, lakes, peaks and coves to visit. Alaska is a vast wilderness, full of amazing flora and fauna, who knows what you may run into. For example yesterday I went up to Chilkoot Lake and at the inlet we saw a family of seals enjoying the fish trapped in the outflow. They were super stoked but not as stoked as we were, to be seeing them in action. All this happened under the watchful eyes of a couple of bald eagles and any number of Moose hiding in the edge of the forest, and shadowed by the youngest mountain range in the world carved out by receding glaciers in the last 10-15000 years.

Mother Nature rules up here, she sculpts those amazing lines you see in the ski films and she also blurs the parameters of reality when it comes to these visions we see. She provides  infinite wisdom and humbles us with her power on a daily basis. Go immerse yourself in her glow and for her sake, just forget about heli-skiing for a day!


5 Responses to “Forget about Heli-Skiing and go for a walk……… Jay Volak”

  1. Jay Volak said

    I don’t know what you are talking about, nothing to see on down days…ok, there is.

    Awesome to meet you, and glad you shared that day with your blogosphere.


  2. Lucy said

    Hey Cory! Alaska sounds so amazing, I’d love to see some photos of these walks you mention, trees, lakes, mountains and stuff are my fave! Anyways, sounds like you are having a good time, all’s good down here too 🙂

  3. silver fox said

    How is it going out there anymore of the white stuff l think you sent us a small amount but we need much more kind regards Silver Fox

  4. Jay Volak said

    Well, it has been slim pickings down here too…BUT, it is starting again and the next couple of weeks could for sure pile up nicely.

    Tahoe, though…damn that is incredible.

  5. Jay Volak said

    Nice pics…must have met a really talented photog :).

    By the way, PUKED down here and had a mid-week huckfest out the gates at Vail. Check my pics at Facebook.

    Hope all is well in AK, seems like this entry may be void now as you guys are getting SNOW.

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