Down Days…………

March 3, 2011

It’s -20 out, the winds howling, the jobs that need doing are done and the helicopter is definitely not going anywhere today, so what do you do? Guide School is over and those 6am starts are no longer mandatory, there are any number of ways to spend those 12 hour days that were spent learning and uploading information to your cerebral cortex.

Maybe some beacon practice, I’ve got a big backyard at the trailer and there are multiple burial avalanches going down there nearly everyday. Get your friends, get some stuff bags and go bury some beacons and practice your efficiency at finding one or more at a time, one day it could make a difference at saving one of your best buddies lives. Fingers crossed it doesn’t ever get to that, but if it does you want to know you are giving them every chance at survival.

So now your on the brink of frostbite, and you think your nose is about to fall off, what to do next? How bout cruise on over to 33 mile, get yourself a coffee and chat to some of the guides. They are a wealth of information on all things Haines. Snow reports, up-coming events and general knowledge is what you’ll find here and it never hurts to make some new friends.

That done and your guides are growing tired of you endless questioning, get a shovel and start building some form of ghetto terrain park. Your hours of hard work will be rewarded with down day skiing, jibbing and bonking and hopefully not an injury. Plus all your friends will love coming over and hanging out, chatting shit and maybe even getting a nice photo to send home to their friends of some gnar shreddage in the backyard.

Exhausted?? Go home and cook yourself some dinner, read a book, watch a ski flick or play some cards. Then go outside build a huge fire and throw some sacrificial skis on it, the snow gods will undoubtedly love you for it and provide you with a week of bottomless powder…. or maybe not…… just make sure they’re someone elses skis!!


2 Responses to “Down Days…………”

  1. Corks said

    Perhaps on one of your down days you could trim that Donovan Frankenreiter stache of yours. I bet you are probably thinking the ladies are loving it but mate some old school Lukey Perth advice, you won’t be playing on my dart board with that fluff under your nose. Hahaha.

    I think it is just the jealousy coming out in me, not the stache just about living. Dude you ARE SO LUCKY. The other day I was up 22 hours straight on 2 hours sleep just to drive a truck again. In saying that me and Lil were out surfing again and there was actually some swell today and Sarah got some photos. Big Happy Lukey today no Angry Dad.

    Keep living life man and buy some Gillette equipment ASAP.

    Love Luke, Sarah, Lily, Reafe & Harlee

  2. Nadia said

    Hey Corey,

    your posts are so vivid and brimming with enthusiasm! I’m so pleased to hear it is all working out and that you are so happy. Keep posting (there is a book in all this I swear)!!!

    Keep throwing yourself off mountains… but stay safe too 🙂

    xox love Nads

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