It Starts

February 16, 2011

So today we started the first day of guide school on a lovely clear day, mountains surrounding the fire hall where our wilderness first aid section of the course is happening, on Mosquito Lake road. In fact the mountains here surround everything, and as they only pop there faces out of the clouds every few days or so it is massively overwhelming to see these monoliths, in the knowledge that in the not so distant future we will be stepping out of helicopters on to the top of them.  Pretty intense amount of learning, but once again I am finding you can teach old dogs new tricks which is great because this old dog loves new tricks!!

Oh and for those of you wanting a lovely sunny winter holiday, here is the place to be, sunny, blue skies………………..-20 degrees at sea level.  Come and hang out on the beach !!!


2 Responses to “It Starts”

  1. Corks said

    Yo Ding,

    Just watched your vid. Good stack man. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself over their mate. It’s good to see man. Sarah and I actually said the other day that our next holiday will be in Canada or France, where ever you are at the time. We just really want to see snow and take the kids to somewhere really fucken cold. But that is a few years way yet and we have to get through Bali in a few months first.

    Same old shit here mate. Lily caught her first wave the other day just up at Quinns beach. I know the mullas bogan in you and me would be dissapointed about the location but hey she loved it. Now every Wednesday I chuck her in the car and we go up to Quinns for a wave and an ice cream afterwars. She has her own little foamie boogie board and I will probably get her some Steph Gilmore posters for her room.

    The boys are good, really coming out of their shells now. Just having fun growing up into little fellas.

    Caught up with Stew and Glen yesterday for Stewies Bday. He went to St Jaromes Laneway on Saturday and just said that he will never go to a BDO again.

    Sarah said to say hello and that she misses your wisdom in the kitchen and the love you have for our Thermomix haha.

    Anyway man gotta run but take care and look after your big beast of a body. Seriously mate I am really happy for you and it is good to see you really enjoying life and doing something you love. Give us a call if you get 5 minutes but we can keep in touch via email.

    Love the Corkers, Big Daddy, Sarah, Lily, Reafe & Harlee

  2. Glen said

    you really are a tricky a old dog. i spose the place looks ok…….. ha……. man i’ll come pay you a visit for sure. just keep doing what you do best until then.

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