Ski Insurance is a Ball-ache

January 18, 2011

I seem to crash a bit so ski insurance is not such a bad idea, that is, if you can find someone to insure you.  I am an Australian citizen, with a British passport who lives in France and this my friends, makes the gaining of the neccesary insurance, a massive complication. You must be more than a citizen of a country to qualify for their insurance policies, apperently you must live there aswell. If you are a resident though, you must be in the country to get the insurance and if your not, well, good day to you and good luck!! 

I have spent now three nights and three days tirelessly researching insurers who may or may not cover all the things I need. Some policies cover off piste skiing but only with a guide, others heli skiing but no off piste. Can anyone explain why I would want to spend hundreds of dollars on a helicopter to get dropped on top of a piste? Why is it so hard for them to insure me, In all honesty these companies must make millions and millions of dollars out of people who pay and never need to claim. We pay you to help us if we are in trouble end of story, thats what you offer, please do what you say on the packet.

After three horrible days, I think I finally found someone who would cover everything I need  today, but let me tell you, it was not without that horible feeling of being kicked in the balls several times by a number of other insurers. Fuck you all very much as I have now missed a valuable day of skiing, there is also now a  slight tinge of grey in my hair and that’s only in the parts that it’s not begun to recede.


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