Skiing on race skis?? Who would have thought

January 17, 2011

So, the snow in France is epically shite at the moment and what else to do with a day of thin icy conditions??  Race skis, carving and feeling massively useless whilst enjoying every minute of it.

The thing with skiing is not to be limited to a certain type of ski or riding style, just like surfboards there is a ski for every condition, and todays conditions dictated riding something I have avoided for far too long. Whoever thought turning on skiis would be so fun and as for a workout, well my legs ache in a good way however bruised my ego may be.

So lesson learned for today is go up the mountain regardless, the sun is shining, your friends still make amazing company and learning something new is as fun as it always was……..

Oh and also just for a last minute note….. Mark and Kate shred on these skis, thank you two for another great day on the mountain!!


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